Play Football on the Roof

We got this idea from the movie Clerks when they were playing hockey on the roof. We were again still working nights at the time, but instead of hockey we wanted to play football. So we chose a holiday that none of the regular employees would be there for.

So we called some friends up on that day and when they coast was clear. Our supervisor actually showed up that day, which we weren’t expecting. But as soon as he left we called on told our friends the coast was clear.

They still had a skeleton crew working so we had to sneak the guys past them to the roof access. So we get up there and play some awesome football. But one of the problems is it was getting late quick, but the big problem is whatever you touched on the roof it had white chalky stuff on it. I guess it has to do with protecting the roof. So the football started to turn white and then it would get on your hands.

It would already get on your shoes, but if you fell then half of your body would be white with chalky stuff. We had a couple of guys that looked like they had been dusted and was about to be served as french toast.

Problem for us though is since we worked there, we were going to have to spend the rest of our shift there looking the french toast. But the good news was that we won the game.

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