Information on the French Open

The 78-year-old-Roland Garros stadium will be awaiting its tennis fans come May 28 for the annual French Open. Its rich red clay court has made the tournament one of the top four in the high-powered game of tennis. Just a couple of changes will be made to this year’s event.

Usually slated for Monday, the French Open will be held on a Sunday in the hopes of to raising television coverage.This is a good theory, as it seems to work for the traditional game of football. Even the biggest tennis fans can’t blow off their 9-5’s just to watch a match.

Secondly, chivalry will be introduced to this year’s games. Winners of the men’s and women’s singles at the French Open will receive the same amount in prize money. This is contrary to Wimbledon, which has indeed increased the prize money for women, but they still receive less than men. Perhaps, the French Open’s modern new installation will have a ground-breaking affect on those championships not yet entered this century.

Fans who are awaiting the French Open are likely getting butterflies of anticipation and they will likely be rewarded with an exciting competition. So, stay in tune with the tournament and see who prevails.

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