Karmicheal Hunt

Introduction and Early Life

Karmicheal Hunt is a professional Australian Rules football player. He has been known to exhibit a rare kind of versatility having played and done very well in Rugby League, Rugby Union and now Australian Rules football. He was born on November 17, 1986 in Auckland, New Zealand. He is an Australian but has a heritage from Cook Island and Samoa. He is 1.86 meters tall and weighs about 93kg. He plays as a defender and usually wears jersey number 7. He currently plays for the Gold Coast Suns Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). He started playing at a tender age of thirteen and has a lot of achievements even at that young age. He has only played a few games in the AFL having spent most of his early life playing in the Rugby League.

Early Career

As a school boy, Karmicheal was very good in sports and he performed exceptionally well in many of the sports at that time. Basketball was his favourite game then, but he played virtually all sports. His performance was very exceptional to the extent that he was awarded the Bronco Scholarship by Cyril O’Connor in 2001. He was able to make it into the Australian Schoolboys Merit Side that same year. He also played for a number of local sides in both Basketball and Rugby League. All of these formed the foundation of his career in Rugby League.

He started playing club level Rugby League in 2002 at the age of fifteen where he was offered an official contract. He played in several categories including under eighteen (U-18) Rugby League championships and also had several awards, honours and achievements in Rugby at the junior level. At the senior level, he made his National Rugby League (NRL) debut in 2004 with the Broncos. His first game was the match against Warriors and he made history as the youngest Bronco player ever to play at this grade. He was seventeen years old at this time. He was also named in the Australian Junior Kangaroos team but did not play a game with the team. He ended up winning the NRL/Bronco/Footy Show Rookie of the Year Award at the end of that season.

Professional Career

He continued with his great performance into the 2005 season as a very consistent Brisbane Bronco’s player. In the 2006 season, he became a very consistent member of the Brisbane Broncos team. Hunt also had quite a number of achievements this season, including his debut with the Australian Kangaroos, featuring in the Australian Tri-Nations side and also winning the grand final in a game where they defeated the Melbourne Storm. He also won the Beach Footy Award this year.

Karmichael Hunt was able to maintain his form and improve his performance consistently as the years went by. In 2007, he won the Best Back Award in his club, Brisbane Broncos, and was part of the Queensland State of Origin Series winning team for the second straight year. In 2008, he consolidated most of the achievements he was able to attain the previous year and also attained new heights that same year. He again won the Best Back Award, and also the Queensland State of Origin Series for the third time. He made it into the World Cup team selection and also made history as the youngest player to reach 100 games at the age of 21 years. He continued with his achievements and played consistently in his club. He was part of the Queensland team that won the State of Origin Series again for the fourth time in 2009.

He left Brisbane Broncos for France to play in the Rugby Union, from there he moved to Gold Coast Suns after a short stint in France where he has been playing well in the defence.

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