Clairvision – A School That Teaches You How to See With Your Third Eye

A decade ago, San Diego hosted the Superbowl, an event that glorifies football, the body-breakingest sport in the United States. As the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers prepared for physical battle, the international staff of Sydney, Australia’s Clairvision School held workshops in La Jolla to facilitate the spiritual healing of attendees.

In the early ’80’s, while a young medical doctor in France, Dr. Samuel Sagan (no relation to Carl), used regression to treat his more stubborn cases. Although contrary to what he had studied at medical school, the techniques worked. Dr. Sagan turned his attention to the spiritual arena, and consequently formed Clairvision, a school of meditation and spirituality, in Australia. The school’s major emphasis is to open up the student’s spiritual vision, by nurturing «a new ‘organ’ of seeing, the third eye.»

Clairvision offers a curriculum of several processes designed to explore and transform consciousness. Some topics appearing on Clairvision’s program are Healing, Stress Management, Supermind techniques on how to develop intelligence, and Sex and Energy Awareness. In January teachers imported two of the more quickly accessible healing modalities to San Diego, «Awakening the Third Eye,» and «ISIS Regression.»

«Awakening the Third Eye» is a systematic method to awaken the third eye and engage spiritual vision. As Dr. Sagan writes in the Introduction to his book of the same name, his intention is to share these third-eye techniques with «those who cannot be satisfied with only an intellectual understanding of spiritual realities and who wish to gain access to direct experience.»

He adds, «The more you are able to drop any preconceived ideas, the easier it will be to ‘see’…Even though several extrasensory perceptions will arise as you practise the techniques, the purpose is clearly to find the Self and to learn to see the world from the Self instead of seeing it from your usual mental consciousness.» He stresses that the Clairvision techniques are based on a «direct awakening of the body of energy,» and do not use channelling, creative imagination, positive affirmations, hypnosis or autosuggestion.

«ISIS» — Inner Space Interactive Sourcing — is an intensive method of regression therapy with a spiritual focus. It employs the awakened Third Eye and the assistance of a «connector» who focuses his/her energy to facilitate the journey of the «regressed.» San Diego’s four-day workshops were abbreviated versions of a long-term training course offered at the Clairvision school in Sydney through which participants can become professional ISIS therapists, as well as implement the technique unassisted on themselves.

Regression has long been utilized as a technique in psychotherapy. What is interesting about ISIS is that it employs both psychotherapeutic and metaphysical dimensions. According to a Clairvision course description, the essential characteristics of ISIS, a «Gateway to the Self» are:

* It is a means of self-discovery and transformation allowing one to reach an unprecedented level of depth in the psyche;

* It reveals aspects of the Self that one had never suspected, opening untapped potential and sources of inspiration and creativity;

* I It takes one to the source of emotional charges and deeply-rooted traumas, while allowing a safe release of these blockages;

* It enables discovery of past, present and future energy patterns in the individual psyche;

* It is a highly effective method of energy-balancing;

* It works through a stimulation of the third eye and perception of the inner space.

Students of ISIS–including San Diego participants–have experienced a wide-range of benefits including:

* Improved mental clarity and emotional stability;

* Increased freedom from anxiety and stress-related disorders;

* Resolution of inner conflicts;

* Rediscovery of one’s spontaneity;

* A deep level of self-healing through reconnection with one’s true nature;

* A growing sense of Self-knowledge;

*An awakening of spiritual vision.

In his book, Regression, Past-Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom, Dr. Sagan states that «Even in the first sessions, it is not uncommon to experience flashbacks that cannot be related to any experience in this life, but are accompanied by a deep feeling and an inner certitude that they refer to yourself. Hence the name ‘past-life therapy’ is often given to regression.»

He stresses that one need not believe in past lives or anything else to benefit from regression, and that indeed «the fewer beliefs you bring with you, the more chance of success, for beliefs generate expectations that tend to distort the purity of the experiences. Some of the flashbacks during regression have an extreme clarity and leave the client with little doubt that they are real. Yet what matters with regression experiences is not whether they come from past lives, but what sort of improvement they can bring to your present.»

Regression’s lesson is to open-mindedly explore what Dr. Sagan calls the «flavour of the Self,» a sense of one’s own continuity in time, and to apply one’s discoveries to the here and now. As the doctor says, «ISIS aims at unveiling your real nature, and cares little about who you have been.»

After conducting their Third-Eye and ISIS work in Australia for over a decade, the Clairvision team felt the time was right to share their knowledge with Americans. They wanted to show us how the techniques can be applied as a pure system unto itself, as well as incorporated into other professions. In 1997, Clairvision presented a workshop in North Carolina, which was so well-attended and -received, they came to California a year later to present another workshop (partially sponsored by San Diego’s Earth Energy Products) featuring the ISIS technique of regression which is based on three main principles:

1. the inner space of the third eye, accessed through the area between the eyebrows;

2. the interaction between two people–the ‘client’ lies down and undergoes the regression experience, while the ‘connector’ sits close by and monitors the energy during the session;

3. a systematic search for the source of all emotional imprints or «scars» and behavioral conditioning.

As a participant in the Third-Eye Awakening and ISIS Regression San Diego workshop, I can tell you that while the systematic techniques are simple to implement, one who has been involved in some spiritual process, such as Yoga, Meditation or Bodywork, will find the techniques almost «second nature.» Fellow participants and I felt there was more therapeutic value to the regression work ongoing over several days, as opposed to a one-shot session.

As we worked in teams of two and sometimes three, it was beneficial to «change partners,» and experience different energies. During my most memorable «journey» as client, my two connectors and I shared a deep and powerful energy exchange which could be described as tantric, ecstatic.

We had all reached a spiritually vibrant destination that I like to think will some day be as accessible to all as the Superbowl.

Clairvision instructors present Third-Eye Awakening and ISIS workshops around the world. Visit the Clairvision website to learn more.

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