Durban – The Playground of South Africa

Durban is called the playground of South Africa because it is a vibrant city with a lot of eclectic culture in terms of food, sightseeing and local festivals. It is also an extremely cosmopolitan city. There are several sports arenas and all the major sporting events in South Africa are hosted in this beautiful and lively city.

There are several things to do here and kids will enjoy spending time in Durban. There are places like Marine World, casinos, flea markets and malls that are strong attractions for visitors. People from the United States and England or France will not find it very different here but they can be assured that all places have modern amenities.

The real way to explore Durban is by taking the train ride to visit the City Hall and the museum. Durban, being a cosmopolitan city, has all kinds of people from various religious backgrounds. The magnificent Jumma Masjid and the Victoria Church are also sightseeing hot spots.

The most appealing attraction of Durban is the seashore and it is called the Golden Mile. The sea sands look like gold in the bright sun shine and that is why it is called by the name. It is about 6 kilometers long and you will find the entire tourist crowd holidaying on this stretch alone. All kinds of activities like swimming, fishing, water skiing and surfing take place here. Also you will find a heavy concentration of artists like caricature artists, cartoonists and face painters on the beach front waiting for you to take part in something.

On the whole Durban offers different kind of entertainment in entire South Africa which is common to the rest of the world but it still manages to exude a unique ambiance and thrill.

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