What Are the Best German Beer Brands?

Because there are so many excellent breweries in Germany (more than 1,300), it is quite difficult to say what the best German beer brands are. Foreigners undoubtedly are familiar with brands such as Lowenbrau and Becks; these are among the most exported German beers. Germans rather have favourite types of beer. They are more likely to order by style such as a Pils or a Doppelbock rather than by brand name like Bitburger or Krombacher. There are those however who distinguish between a Bitburger Pils and a Krombacher Pils, or a Schofferhofer Hefeweisen and a Paulaner HefeWeissen. It is these connoisseurs that hold the key to determining the best German beer brands.

5 of the Best German Beer Brands

There has been an ongoing survey as to what the best German beer brands are on the ToyTown Germany website since 2004. The respondents are people who live and work in Germany, both native Germans and many expats from around the world, who are regular beer drinkers. It is no surprise that hundreds of beers have been named, but there are five particular brands that are mentioned more than others. Following is a summary according to popularity of what local consumers consider to be the best brands of German beer.

Augustiner – This brand turned up more times than any other. Augustiner beer, like many great beers, is brewed and produced by monks, in this case the Augustinian Brotherhood in Munich. This brewery has been producing quality beer since 1328, so it’s no surprise that they might be pretty good at it by now. The Augustiner Brewery produces several types of beer of which Heller Bock, a light strong beer of 7% alcohol is a crowd favourite.

Lammsbrau – The Neumarkter Lammsbrau Brewery near Nuremberg sets exceedingly high standards for the ingredients to be used in its brews. In fact any ingredient used in a Lammsbräu must be from a certified and controlled organic grower. But their quality control doesn’t stop there. Aroma hops are used as opposed to the traditional bitter hops, thus giving the beer a more pungent aroma and a less bitter taste. Their water is sourced from a protected underground spring, and they produce their own malt and fresh yeast. The passion for quality control has indeed made this one of the best German beer brands.

Franziskaner – Another Bavarian brewery based in Munich, Franziskaner has been in operation since 1363. They specialize in producing only two types of wheat beer – a light and a dark. It is most likely because of this specialization that their beer is so highly rated among locals and expats alike. Franziskaner is also popular around the world and can be found on both the east and west coasts of America, in Asia, Australia, South America (Ecuador), and throughout Europe.

Erdinger – It is no wonder that another Bavarian brewery heads the list of best beer brands in Germany. Erdinger is based in the town of Erding, and has been producing quality brew since 1886. The most popular of their beers is the Erdinger Weissbrau, a fairly light wheat beer of 5.6% alcohol strength.

Paulaner – Paulaner is a partner of FC Bayern Munich, and like its football club companion, it is also a champion among its peers. Based in Munich, as you have noticed that most of the best beers are, Paulaner was also initially brewed by monks beginning in 1634. Paulaner is also exported to more than 70 countries around the world. Their Original Münchner Hell, a premium lager, seemingly the most popular.

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