France 4 x 2 Croatia ● 2018 World Cup Final Extended Goals & Highlights HD

[French commentary]

Croatia even started better, taking care of the game’s actions, with two good arrivals from Perisic, always having defender Umtiti on the sidelines. But at 17 minutes, France appeared. Griezmann ran into the penalty spot at the edge of the box and went down for a foul: Argentine referee Nestor Pitana scored. In charge, Griezmann himself threw in the area, but Pogba did not reach the ball. Mandzukic eventually deflected straight into Subasic’s angle, scoring the first goal against in World Cup finals.

The goal did not shake the Croats, and if an impact goal was needed to show strength, it happened at 27. Modric crossed into the right-hand corner, and Vrsaljko scored in the middle. Mandzukic fought high with Pogba, and Rebic also deflected. Vida picks up the left and propped it up to Ivan Perisic, who cleaned his right foot with Kanté and dropped a bomb with his left foot. The ball still deflected in Varane before going deep into the net.

If in the semifinals, the video referee did not appear, he was decisive for the first time in a cup decision. At 33, in a corner kick by Griezmann on the first post, Matuidi tried to deflect to the goal, but Perisic arrived to send to corner. The ball hit the player’s hand, and the French complain for a penalty. After long consultation with the VAR, Nestor Pitana understood that there was intention of the Croatian and scored penalty. Griezmann hit the left corner with Subasic, who fell to the right, making it 2-1.

The accumulation of three straight extensions seems to have had an effect in the middle of the second half. So much so that France scored two goals in six minutes. At 13, Mbappé went to the bottom line and crossed to Griezmann, who held the ball and rolled to Pogba. The steering wheel tried from the right, but caught the left rebound and scored the third. And at 19, Hernández made a nice play on the left and played in the middle for Mbappé to score the fourth. He equals Pelé and is the second teenager to score in a final. It looked like it would be beaten …

French captain Hugo Lloris appeared again, but negatively, at 23. In a simple retreat from Varane, he alone dominated the ball and tried to dribble Mandzukic. The Croatian arrived firmly in the division and sent straight to the goal, putting Croatia alive in the decision and keeping the emotion until the end.

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