Why Joining Silat Clubs Will Help You to Learn Great Tactics For Self-Defense

The kind of popularity and recognition Silat art form has received from all over the world is astonishing. Silat instructors and gurus are establishing Silat clubs and training schools for acquainting people with this form of martial art. People have also accepted this Malay art form and have shown great interest in learning it further. Setting up of Pencak Silat Federation of the United Kingdom, Pencak Silat Bongkot of France and Silat Federation of United Kingdom are great evidences of Silat growth and expansion in different parts of the world. Silat is coming up as a great art form for self defense and protection.

Many years back, to get into a Silat training school was among the most difficult tasks, because the gurus or the mahagurus used to choose their students of their own. High moral values and intense desire to learn Silat were two traits, which Silat gurus shortlisted their students on. But today, the time has changed and so has the selection process.

Now, all you require for learning Silat is your desire. If you want to master this art form, then join Silat clubs available nearest to your house and learn something absolutely amazing and significant.

When you’ll join a Silat club you will learn some of the following Silat moves and tactics.

  • Elakkan or avoiding technique movements
  • Tangkisan or blocking technique
  • Tangkapan or catching technique
  • Amuk or rampage with due diligent
  • Weaponry system such as sickle, sword, cudgel, kris or a short wavy dagger, rope, walking stick made of hardwood, dagger with straight cutting edge and trisula.

The curriculum may vary in different clubs or schools, but most of it will definitely include the ones mentioned above. Due to this issues, in 2002 Malaysian government has act on this matter by appointing Grandmaster Anuar Abdul Wahab to research and develop a silat curriculum that can be used thoroughly to all silat clubs that known as Seni Silat Malaysia.

This curriculum was created based on the original Malay Peninsula traditional art of Silat that did not import, combine, copy or even mix with other martial art or pencak silat movements. The silat movements are based on the movements of human beings according to their geometrical measurements. On the 4th of December 2006, the Malaysian Government recognized silat as the Malaysia official art of self-defense and was gazette in the Akta Warisan Negara (National Heritage Act).

The curriculum also uses the basic traditional silat lessons such as the Bunga Sembah (the pillars of silat movements) and Tapak Empat (the art to control the ring) in order to produce seven lessons in silat which are the Bunga (silat positions posture), jurus (art of attack an defence), Belebat (shadow training), Tapak (step pattern), Buah Pukul (self-defense), Tempur Seni (art of combat) and Tempur Bela Diri (self defense combat).

The standardization of silat system is giving the opportunity to every silat clubs not only in Malaysia but also at international level to exercise and implement the curriculum without any doubts of its originality. Many international silat coaches from France, Austria, Switzerland and United Kingdom are using this system to their training center due to the systematic of grading level from beginners to expert level.

Learning this art form will surely be one of the greatest experiences of you life.

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