Are Chelsea’s New Signings Just A Burden On Abromavich’s Pocket

William Gallas had a fallout with Mr .Mourinho and during the much publicized purchase of Ashley Cole, Gallas was offered in exchange as an icing on the cake.

Mourinho might have thought that Gallas did not do much but since he left, Cole has not yet quite filled his shoes. On the other hand Gallas is doing much more as a left back than Arsene Wenger might have ever dreamt of.

When rumors of Andriy Shevchenko’s move to Chelsea reached the press, everyone including Chelsea’s fans were thrilled at the thought of Andriy and Drogba teaming up. This dream just… well, just stayed a dream because we have seen nothing yet. Drogba and Shevchenko flow together the way water and fire would.

Even though this happened I myself thought the former European footballer of the year might just pull it off without Drogba but he has not adapted to the lightning quick pace of English football. We may just have to wait for a season or two before he finally clicks (I don’t think he is quite in a hurry to leave if you consider he is being paid 120,000 pounds per week).

Michael Ballack left his beloved homeland of Germany (also for the price of 120,000 pounds per week) for England to use his experience as a midfielder to help Frank Lampard in the Chelsea midfield. This seemed like another duo that would have greatly prospered together considering their talent and exposure but they just have not clicked yet. Just like Shevchenko, Ballack has also been slow to learn the English style of playing (is it something to do with their hefty wages?). For your information Ballack has already been sent off once.

The only people who seem to be consistent are the Africans who play for Chelsea. Didier Drogba has never fallen short of goals, Michael Essien is doing a good job filling in for John Terry, the young talents of Salomon Kalou and John Obi Mikel seem to be growing in stature day by day and not to forget the good job done by the Frenchman Claude Makelele.

PS: Have you noticed of late how Abromavich doesn’t seem as happy as he seemed before when Chelsea were winning every game? There have even been disturbing rumors that this is Mourinho’s last season at Stamford Bridge.

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