Freestyle Football Euro 2012 – Corentin Baron (France)

Video entry for Corentin Baron, representing France.

The Freestyle football European Championships 2012 will gather in warsaw, poland, the 16 best freestyle footballers of all europe.

Before qualifying to this one of a kind event, 40 players have been pre-selected to participate to a video competition.

Those 40 freestylers come from the following countries : Denmark, UK, Germany, Hungary, Russia, France, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway, Slovakia.

The 3 WFSLeague judges will then rate all the 40 videos and retain only the 16 best videos, regards to WFSLeague criterias.
The 16 best football freestylers will be invited to participate to the competition in Warsaw, April 27th & 28th 2012.

The WFSleague competition will take place right before the UEFA EURO 2012 starts in poland and will bring to the audience some of the best technical skills ever.

Other open activities will be offered such as : freestyle football competitions, Street Soccer tournament, freestyle clinics , DJ shows, Cheerleaders..and much more.

More information about the WFSLeague Freestyle Football European Championships available on :

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